When Should Website Owners Turn to Reliable Website Maintenance Services?

Your website, like any investment, must have added value. Whether prospecting, informing, bringing awareness or selling online, its effectiveness must be measurable. With the current abundance of tools, it has never been easier to create a website. Generally, for medium and small sites, updates are performed by a provider. But between realizing a website and realizing an effective website, there are a few things to consider before hiring reliable website maintenance services!

What happens when:

  • Your website is useless
  • The user makes a query about your site in a search engine and does not find the site in question
  • Your site is well referenced on keywords, but these are not the ones typed in by users
  • The visitor does not find the information he or she is looking for on your site
  • The site appears in Google results (keyword related to your activity and not your domain name), but beyond the first 3 pages
  • It is not accessible with any type of browser
  • The pages take more than 5 seconds to load
  • The site only provides a contact form that allows users to contact you, meaning your e-mail or phone is not on the site
  • The texts contain spelling errors, inadequate vocabulary or poorly structured information
  • The site has a “personal look” or an aspect that is shifted in relation to the business

In all these cases, users will probably leave and visit a competitor. These situations deprive businesses of a number of visitors, leading to premature abandonment or preventing them from turning the visitors into actual clients. If a site does not present these shortcomings, they probably see that their contacts and reputation are growing, which means that your online sales are progressing. Website owners measure these results and find that the statistics of the site follow the same trend.

A website maintenance agency only ensures that consequent modifications are carried out, whether it is design or the accumulation of additional functionalities. As for CMS-based sites, or intranets and document portals, they are designed to allow complete management by the client, which means only the graphic design and initial design is being carried out by the agency. In short, you benefit from a significant return on investment.